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Brady offers quality sleeves to slide over wires for use in a variety of applications and industries. Brady’s printable and smudge-proof Permasleeves™ are resistant to heat, fire, common fuels, organic fluids, lubricants and solvents with minimal smoke emission.
  • Standard sleeves
  • Diesel resistant sleeves
  • Halogen free sleeves
  • High temperature sleeves
Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
Wrap Around Lables
Brady’s wrap around labels offer good fading and abrasion resistance. They exist in a great variety offering excellent print quality and high resistance versus extreme temperatures, chemicals and fuels. Our selflaminating solutions offer extra print protection.
  • Standard wrap around lables
  • Self laminating wrap around lables
  • Repositionable wrap around lables
  • Flame resistant wrap around lables
Flag Lables
Flags are an exellent solution when more information, or a barcode, is needed to properly identify a wire. P & T - shaped labels significantly reduce the adhesive contact area between the label and the cable, making them ideal to identify fibre optic cables.
  • Standard flag lables
  • P-shaped labels
  • T-shaped labels
Brady identification solutions ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact and legible, even when heated or frozen. As world leader in laboratory identification solutions, Brady understands it is imperative to be legislation and regulation compliant.
Tags with high tear, solvent and heat resistance can identify wires and cables in harsh environments.
A wide range of colours is available. Tags are normally attached to a wire or cable using cable ties.
  • Standard tags
  • Harsh enviroment tags
  • Halogen free tags
Clip & Slide-on Solutions
Brady offers a range of pre-printed and printable clips that can be attached to a great variety of wires. Printable Durasleeves™ are inserted into a carrier, resulting in greater strength and resistance for your prints.
  • Clip-on & slide-on solutions
  • Pre-printed & print it yourself markers
Panel building components
Brady further supports installers by completing its wire & cable identification offer with solutions to identify all types of components: patch panels, outlets, terminal blocks, switches and push buttons.
  • Patch panel & outlet ID
  • Terminal block marking
  • Engraved Plates Substitute
  • Yellow lables & tapes
  • Name plates
Brady wire identification solutions have withstood the most demanding industrial environments in the world, and beyond. Even when launched into space, our labels stay in place to clearly identify wires and cables. Brady labels are compliant with many global quality requirements, and our R&D department is always standby to test our identification solutions against specific requirements in any industry.