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Brady offers both ready-made and printable safety signs. Available materials include aluminium, rigid polypropylene, self-adhesive polyester, photoluminescent, reflective and anti-skid versions.

Safety Signs
Logistics Marking
BradyĀfs logistics marking ranges from floor marking to loading dock panel labels, bin location labels and numbers & letters. It enables you to provide clear and accurate on-thespot information to increase efficiency and safety.
  • Increase efficiency in warehouses, factories, offices and parking areas
  • Available in various materials, permanent or removable
  • Available in various colours
Pipe Marking
Pipe markers, used to identify substances and flow direction, contribute a great deal to a safe visual workplace. They immediately tell which substances are involved in, supporting co-workers in finding solutions faster.
  • GHS/CLP Symbols
  • Resists a wide range of fluids
  • Printable & ready-made available
Brady identification solutions ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact and legible, even when heated or frozen. As world leader in laboratory identification solutions, Brady understands it is imperative to be legislation and regulation compliant.
Lockout / Tagout
Lockout/tagout is a planned safety procedure which ensures de-energisation and isolation of hazardous energy sources to increase safety during maintenance.
  • Dedicated systems for vaious energy sources
  • Durable, single keyed & master keyed padlocks
  • Instructional video available
Spill Control
Spills of industrial grade liquids have a negative impact on workforce productivity and health. Polypropylene pads, rolls, rugs, socs and booms are efficient solutions to prevent and dispose of spills. polypropylene aabsorbs its own weight up to to 25 times!
  • Absorbs chemical, oil and water based spills
  • cost efficient disposal
  • Available in various shapes & sizes
Visual Tagging
Brady further supports installers by completing its wire & cable identification offer with solutions to identify all types of components: patch panels, outlets, terminal blocks, switches and push buttons.
  • Safety status attached to equipment
  • Shows last safety inspection information
  • Practical holder & insert

Brady safety products are developed for durability and efficiency and help to reduce the cost of accidents by taking the necessary precautions to avoid them. Brady Corporation offers a wide range of durable safety products that can be tailored to a customerís needs and specific context. Brady also offers hands-on training for each product when required.
  • ISO 7010 Signs, ADR Signs, GHS Signs
  • Resists chemicals, abrasion, extreme temperatures and UV
  • Standard & customised signs available