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Brady WorkHorse™ Series are made of durable, heavy-duty materials. Available materials include: UL, cUL, and CSA recognized as well as RoHS and REACH compliant. This series is ideal for high quality/density barcoding, product and component identification, rating and serial plates, asset and inventory tracking and general identification.

Brady Defender™ Series are custom engineered to provide print-on-demand, irreversible and visible evidence of label tampering. Multiple options are available, including fracturing labels and footprint labels. Ideal for product and component identification, rating and serial plates, these labels are engineered for superior chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance.

To identify, trace or protect your products and components, Brady offers 7 label series, resisting extreme temperatures, flames, oil, chemicals,abrasion and weathering. They are all available as stock labels and can be offered pre-printed or fully customised. Whether you need asset tracking, component/equipment identification, barcoding, general identification, printed circuit board identification or rating plates, Brady has a quality solution for you.
  • Engineered for the harshest enviroments
  • Survives chemicals, absorbs and temperatures
  • Broad range of applications
  • Irreversable, visible evidence of tampering
  • Protects warranty fraud, product tampering or asset theft
  • Chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance
Brady UltraTemp. High Heat Labels can withstand cleaning processes used in PCB assembly, equipment and component manufacturing. Available in a variety of options including anti-static and auto-apply equipment labels, this series is ideal for printed circuit board identification or any high heat application.

  • Survives high heat (260°C) and chemicals
  • Performs in reflow, wave solder and broad washing
  • Usable with ESD and auto-apply equipment
Brady MetaLabel. Series metallised labels provide a durable print on demand option for rating plate and asset tag applications for a desired metallic look. Brady MetaLabel Series label materials meet certain military, SAE and other specifications and are ideal for high quality/density barcode labels, asset identification and serial and rating.

  • Metallic appearance  - nameplate quality
  • resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasion
  • True metal films for spec compliance

Brady ToughBond™ Series aggressive adhesive labels are engineered for the toughest and most demanding industrial surfaces. These label series offers permanent identification and outstanding adhesion that is up to three times higher than standard adhesives, making it ideal for rough, powder-coated and low surface energy applications.

  • Up to six adhesion values
  • For rough oil/grease covered surfaces
  • No extensive surface preparation needed
Brady CleanLift™ Series removable labels are engineered for durable and long-lasting performance. Custom removable adhesives allow for clean and easy removal without scraping or damaging any surfaces. These removable labels are ideal for components identification, work in process identification and general purpose applications.

  • removes without scraping or surface damage
  • Excellent solvent and heat resistance
  • Diverse range of applications

Brady VisAlert™ Series indicating labels are designed to provide visual indication of water or heat exposure. They can prevent shortened equipment life, due to exposure to harmful elements, as well as fraud or product misuse. They are ideal for motors, gear boxes, electrical equipment and product or component monitoring.
  • Immedietly visual indication of water or heat exposure
  • Continually monitor product, components or equipment
  • Various ranges and designs